GIVEAWAY TIME ♥ (Etude House, Mizon, etc) by Jenny♥

Hello! D'ya saw my post lately? I already delete that post coz I realized I am over emotional. Hehe!  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wb67mxJ1qz4rgp_zpse97d12b6.gif So from now, I will make a post about my new entered giveaway.

First of all, I want to introduce to you the blog of Jenny. I make a short intro 'bout her blog coz I don't know more bout that since I found it when I blogwalking! Ehem. Sorry.  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wbdwIcT1qz4rgp_zpsed2e1fd5.gif

I found out her blog is simple and nice! Her post is better bout the product reviews. And I like it! And most of the blog I saw, it is more on product reviews. And for Jenny, I want to see another review. What I mean is like another NOT in makeups or other etc. You know? Ok. I'm sorry. Lol.  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wb97Oqs1qz4rgp_zps89efee0e.gif But I used to speak my own feeling. No more hurt feelings okay? Love ya.  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wb97Oqs1qz4rgp_zps89efee0e.gif

Phew! I think, that's all and let's talk about her lovely giveaway! <3

The first prize is this:

The products of the first prize:
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel
adorable-looking whitening sheet mask
super soft and fluffy cleansing sponge
My Beauty Diary 2-Step America Soothing Pack
I love It's Skin "Babyface" products
Pig nose clear black head by Holika holika
Mini brow class Kit from Etude
Etude House's eyebrow razor
love lip stains
cute moisturizing lip balm my Monplay

And this is the second prize :)

The product of the second prize;
My Beauty Diary mask (Africa Hydrating Pack) and the Thermal Water Gel Mask by Skinfood
Babe lips by Maybelline
soft cotton pads
Powder by Monplay (A pink thingy on the pic.)
Etude House's Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in #Orange
blusher by Tony Moly
hand cream (a green thing on a pic.)
eye mask containing Vitamin K
Skin Babyface Mascara

 So guys, I think I'm done. And if you want to see the pictures of each product. I suggest to you to go to this link ♥  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wb67mxJ1qz4rgp_zpse97d12b6.gif

Thankyou very much guys for reading and PLEASE leave a comment or in my tagboard. I will appreciate all of your words  photo tumblr_inline_mkai0tFPiu1rxsw83_zps0163235b.gif

And by the way guys! I will leave for 5 days or 1 week. So it means, I will not update my blog. Its a big NO because I will make a post in scheduled. So don't be sad, smile again. Nyahaha! Feeling -____-
Okay! So thanks again and see you, goodbye! Mwua.



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