B.Garden Nail polish Review + New bag

Hello everyone! So today I will review this Nail Polish that my Sister bought in Eastwood for me. The price is cheap but its pretty that's why I like it. Lol.

Don't mind the dates because the date in the camera doesn't fix. Lol. Is the nail polishes are cute, isn't it? The colors are blue green and light blue, if I'm not mistaken.

Let's see first the blue green nail polish. Ohh! For your information this nail polishes are TINY. Yes! They are cute. :">

The bottom part of this nail polish. 

The side one. 

Okay! Let's go ahead in light blue nail polish and after that the samples in my nails. :)

This is one of my favorite color. When you apply it on your nails, gaaaad it looks so pretty. 

The bottom part♥

The side one♥

So this is my nail polish. :D I'm sorry for the works I made it rush that's why it looks haggard. Hahaha. Lol.
My hands are ugly. Pfft! -___________- 

Yes! I give 5/5 because this nail polish is very good. It can be applied ONCE! :)

I give 4 hearts because you'll need to apply this TWICE. :3 And I hate that.

OVERALL: ♥♥♥♥♥
Tadaaaa~ Yes! I give 5 hearts. Because I love this nail polishes and the colors :D

Okay, after that let's see the new bag of mine ♥ 

It looks so girly because of its hot pink color lol. :D 

The back side. 

When you open the bag :)

What can you say about this bag?
-->This bag really looks good. It is easy to handle because it's small. and like what I've said, it is small so only small things are needed here! I like it, I like it! Thumbs up :)

Already done! I hope you'll like this post by leaving a post in my comment section or in my tagboard.
Also, thanks for my Ate to buying this for me. ^^

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