Bonchon Resto.

Goodmorning everyone!  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wb67mxJ1qz4rgp_zpsa237c8f0.gif Since its wednesday already and its already 1:25 in the morning here in the Philippines. I just want to update my blog since I don't have post in 2weeks.  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wb3v3qq1qz4rgp_zpsd63752d7.gif Like what I've said, I have a lot of UNPOSTED post! So, today I will updating my blogggg. *Clap*

Last Sunday, Me and my sisters went chillin at Bonchon. Okay, that is Korean Restaurant and their food was so yummy! My older sis brought me on that place and all I can say is WOW. Although, we don't see koreans eating on that resto because HELLO?! We are on the Philippines and a little korean people (and also other countries! Include that okay!? :D) are went here.

Im sorry for the pic its kinda  blured. -______-

I ordered red iced tea ♥

*Ehem* This is my little sister! i don't have a pic of my oldest sister because she don't want! :3
#34 HAHA! We are waiting on that pic because it is served in 20 minutes T.T 

ME! AHAHAHA! Srry for the effect, I'm in the right side. =)

My sisters orderd a boxed meal: chicken ricebox with red iced tea with ChapChae Korean Noodles!

For your information, their chicken was so yummy! They don't have a sauce.  Their chicken doesn't NEED a sauce because of its tenderness and juicyness! :"> Speaking of noodles, i feel i'm MORE inlove with korean dishes! I love ChapChae korean noodles. SPEECHLESS!:O

Say hello to my order! Its Crispy Shrimp Rice♥ Gosh! Im inlove with seafoods.

I don't rotate it. HAHA!Lol.

This is my dessert!! KO-YO stands  for Korean Yogurt♥

I don't capture many pictures because I'm excited to eat! Nyahahaha =D So pardon me okay?
Im first timer in this resto and PROMISE I will go to this resto everytime I go to Fairview ^^ I think I said all I want? Until here! Thanks again for visiting and reading my everyday post! Don't forget to leave a message!♥ A huge kiss from me! Mwwaaaaaaaah..


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