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Hi there!  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wb67mxJ1qz4rgp_zpsfbd1a465.gif Back to this world again and omph! I read MANY messages from you guys and it made me feel happy!! Nyahaha.  photo tumblr_inline_mm2wb3v3qq1qz4rgp_zpscb1cd2e3.gif Thankyou very much guyyys! By the way, my award is edited and added a two person. *I AM WAITING GUYS* 

Anyway someone needs my help! *ehem* (help?) Hahaha. Kidding! NADIRAH asked me where did I get my music thingy. And I think I'll need to explain this step by step.  photo -304B304A30823058-_m_zps032642f7.gif Let's get started while I'm eating chocolate! Tehehehee.

 photo 65705B57_--_m_zps6e94471d.gif First thing to do this is search for Kiwi6. Click here! After that,  register. This will be the look after register!

After you register, click the "upload" below Artist Tools.

After clicking that, select the "browse" then click "Start Upload". 
Wait for it to download! Then, click the save right side. See the picture below.

After you click that, search for the "direct Hotlink" below right side. And copy and paste it on notepad temporarily.

 photo 65705B57_--_m1_zps17638d3a.gif Search for flash mp3. Click here! Then select "Mini". After selecting that. You'll see like this: 
      Click the generator and cuztomize it! 

*Paste the link on "mp3".
*Click the "color" on Category and customize it in any color what you want.

Well I guess, Im already done! Hi Nadirah! photo tumblr_inline_mmzmkf6Ys81qz4rgp_zps53c1c4a6.gif D'ya get it? Btw, you can ask me anything. ^^ Thanks for reading and dunforget to leave a comment in my tagboard or here in my comment section! Byebye!



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