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NOTE: This post is contain of many giveaways. I am too lazy to do one by one post in each giveaway. Okay? Thanks! ♥

Hi guys!! Wanna see my new joined giveaway? Haha. Kidding!! Okay! I've joined in Superficially Colorful Giveaways because I love nail polish!! Omoo~ If I am the LUCKY one, I will receive a complete Collections! So hurry up! If you want this too! Go! Join!! :)) Click here for the other details and ugh I'm too lazy to type! >"<



Click here to join ♥

2 CK products:

1. First Kiss Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick 
2. Hint of Pink Calvin Klein Splendid Colour Nail Polish

END DATE: 01/07/2013

It is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY and the winner will be chosen randomly.     

Click here to join ♥

This giveaway is from Valentine Kisses titled Travel Ready Goodies ♥ 
It contains many skin and beauty products. 
Ends on June 30 2013! Click here for more info! :)

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