Welcome back!

A big HELLO to you guys! Finally, Im back! After how many years.  photo tumblr_inline_mo11l47kgI1qz4rgp_zpsebd1f3a2.gif  D'ya guys miss me? Hmm..
My task is to visit my ALL friends here especially my ex-linkers here♥ Because I think, they don't follow me coz I change my title :3 And after that will post my many unposted stories!  photo tumblr_inline_mo11l28r8E1qz4rgp_zpse5c6858b.gif 

I just want to remind you my Old name is BERRY and my NEW name is ABBY♥ (Actually, Abby is my true name in person lol.)
I just want you to know,so that you will remember me! ♥

Today, you see my new blog. Do you? I work on it in almost 2weeks. Uggh.  photo tumblr_inline_mo11l2pu0B1qz4rgp_zpsef84252d.gif And here it is! Tadaaaa~ 
It is simple. ♥ But there's have a little more need to work like my cursor. Im just tired to work on it so I think      I'll do it tomorrow. 

I need to visit already so goodbye! See ya tom! ^^ Churppp.


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