My Wishlist

Bonjour! :) Goodmorning everyone! I'm not yet sleepy that's why I'm here to update again my blog! :D Feeling excited lol. So today, you will know my wish in my life! :) And I made a wishlist for this. So, here I go!

As a student, first thing that I wish is a new phone!

And yes! Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first thing that I wish to have! I want to change my cellphone noww! :D
Everyone loves this phone because it is high-tech and in to our world. ♥ And I love the iPhones too!

This is an apple iPhone 5, as you can see it is a black colour. I love black in case of phones! :)

Second thing that I wish, is to enroll in the one of the famous university here in the Philippines. (In my second semester) :)

Ladies and gentlemen,this is the Far Eastern University (Morayta) I like to enroll on this school in my second semester! The students in that school was so good, talented, rich and so on and so forth. They say the teaching of the teachers there are very good! That's whyI like that school since I'm in the highschool. :D

Third one is to have a CAR!

I ♥ Cars! And I love this one! This is my wish to myself and to my Dad to buy this for me! BMW 730Li♥ It is cost of P8,290,000 here in the Philippines. Convert it into your money so that you will know the price. Lol. Uwaaaa! I like to use this car whenever I go and when I go into my school! :)

Fourth thing is to have a lot of MAKEUPS♥

Yes! I love makeups! I love to buys etc. to my face! lol. You guyslove makeups too? :D

The fifth thing is to have a closet in my pads (room rather)♥

I want a closet like this one! Pure light pink, coz I love light colors! When we build our own house, I will say to the architect to do a big room for me to have this closet inside my room lol. :D i told this thing in my Mum and she approved this one♥ Yeyyy!

Okay! I feel tired in typing this. And my back is feeling tired -___________- I will make another 5 more wishlist and continue this post! :) so, goodnight! Let's pray and a huge kisses&hugs! :*



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