I'm Back!

Moshi moshi! Im glad to be back in here guys after a long long time!! :p Well, I'm sorry oke? D'ya miss me? Hmmm. >:D I am super busy right now, cause my cousin and if my auntie was here.. They are from Japan! ^^ They visiting us here in the Philippines and were have a family reunion too. I don't have pictures to post but when I get upload I will make a post again. :) I study Nihonggo to become our converstion is easy. Phew! Nosebleed!! >< This post will be as my diary.. :p No pictures, no gifs, etc! More on alphabets and smileys. =) Anyways, I'll be visiting your blog guys! And I will do a short blog walk. ^^ You can comment in this post if you want me to visit your blog or in my tagboard.. Okay? Sayonara!! :*

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